Butterfly Silhouettes Platter Pad or Quilt Block #CC2023


Two pieced butterfly patterns for 12″ hot pads or quilt blocks, in 3 sizes.


Since I had already designed “Lovely Butterfly,” an appliquéed butterfly, I challenged myself to try some pieced ones.  They turned out cute, I think, and really easy to piece.–Libby

This is a two-fer!  Two butterfly patterns for piecing are included in this Christensen Creations Platter Pad package:  a fullview silhouette and a sideview silhouette. Both are simple, made from squares and rectangles.   The pattern has step-by-step instructions for piecing, suggestions for quilting, and tips on binding, including diagrams and full-size color pattern grids.  Either design makes sweet butterfly quilt block in 3 sizes or a decorative butterfly hot pad, big enough for a platter or bowl.


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