Kite Charmer: Sleeping on a Cloud #CC2104


A scrappy wall hanging of paper-pieced tessellated kites with 3D clouds and kites quilted on top.

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A scrappy, paper-pieced wall hanging with 3D elements that really stand out, “Kite Charmer will delight anyone who likes a new twist.  The background is made up of tessellated kites and shown as a “charm” quilt with all different scraps.  The kites and clouds on top are full of puffy batting and fleece.  Every clever step is clearly explained and diagrammed by the Christensen Creations instructions, and full-sized templates are included.

This hanging won a 1st place in the 2018 Alabama National Fair.  Can you see WHO is sleeping on this cloud? (“Hey, you, get off of my cloud!”)





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