“Layered Cake” Platter Pad #CC2026


A big hot pad with an appliquéed slice of cake


Some people prefer pie, but not ME–I LOVE CAKE.  Yum!  Icing!  YUM!  When I saw some cute novelty cake fabric, I knew I just had to create a layer cake for my birthday.  I gave the pattern out to all my customers in 2022.  If you missed the freebie, it’s not expensive.  I think it’s cute, but I confess that it makes me a little hungry! –Libby Yummmmmm, chocolate icing and raspberry filling!

What a cute gift this would be for someone’s birthday, but we like cake ANY time!  Make this easy  Christensen Creations 12″ platter pad using the templates for appliqué, or choose a smaller size.  (Embroidery is fun, but optional.)


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