Little Red Schoolhouse #CC2005


A Platter Pad with simple applique of a red schoolhouse.


Did your grandma or great-aunt teach in a Little Red Schoolhouse? Christensen Creations Platter Pad preserves this piece of all-American history in a simple appliqué, complete with school bell.  Make this cotton-filled hot pad in 8″, 10″, or the huge 12″ platter pad size.  Wonderful gift for a teacher!

NOTE:  My grandmother, Mae Elizabeth Lang, taught in a one-room schoolhouse for many years, but it may not have been red.  I’m afraid I never asked the question, but I know she was a beloved teacher for decades and knew everyone in the small town because she had taught most of them to read.  This one’s for you, Grandma–Libby Christensen


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