Slice of Pie Platter Pad #CC2025


Slice of pie appliqué on a hot pad, in three sizes, or for a quilt block


My family likes pie:  pumpkin, apple, raisin, blueberry, custard–you name it.  We usually “cheat” and get a roll-out crust, but who cares because the filling is the good part!  I decided it’d be fun to “bake” this pumpkin pie, and in my case, I used big rickrack for the crust–hey!  It works!  Also, notice that I quilted it some steam just for fun.–Libby

Easy way to bake a pie!  Just take a bit of filling, a few inches of big rickrack and add a plate for this simple  Christensen Creations appliqué.  This  tasty “Slice of Pie” can be used as a quilt block or made into a hot pad, with instructions for three sizes including the huge “platter pad” size.  Hang it on point for a darling kitchen decoration or use it on the table as a hot pad.


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