“The Cat in the Moon” Lap Quilt #CC2326


A cat-on-a-lap quilt with a pieced cat in front of a huge moon.


I designed this especially for thefabrichut.com, using their fat fifths.  I didn’t see many orange for Halloween, but this bright yellow gave me the idea to put a silhouette of a black cat in front of a moon–sort of a Halloween feel, but not necessarily.  Trying to make a cat out of simple squares and rectangles took a bit of ingenuity, but it worked.  THIS quilt sold to one of my good friends–I’m so glad the sassy puss has a good home!–Libby

Now you can always have a cat on your lap or give someone a cat without the litter box!  This Christensen Creations “Cat in the Moon”quilt is very quick and easy to piece, but it includes some sassy face/ear details to jazz it up.  Make it for Halloween or for any season–it’s bright and cheery and sure to bring a smile


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