U of AL Elephant Flag Lap Quilt or Hanging #CC2321


Small lap quilt of a flag with Alabama elephant, also can be a wall hanging.


Since I’ve lived in Alabama, I’ve found that EVERYONE roots for either Alabama or Auburn.  It’s a matter of great contention because I live close to both universities.  I’m not really a football aficionada, but I understand the affliction.  HA!  Anyway, I did a tiger as well as this elephant in this flag pattern, just small enough to hang on the wall or big enough for a knee quilt for the stadium.  They made a huge splash when I donated both to a silent auction fund-raiser –Libby

In Alabama, after summer comes F season!  Yep, F means FOOTBALL, and 99% root for University of Alabama OR Auburn University. No other teams seem to rate as highly. If you have an Alabama fan in your family, you will enjoy making this Elephant Flag. Easy piecing, great step-by-step instructions, and the finished result can be used as a cozy lap quilt for home or stadium OR a wall hanging, maybe both! (just not at the same time…)


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