“Hostess with the Mostest?”

That could be you or your friend on July 4. Imagine serving a platter of hot dogs and hamburgers or a big dish of potato salad or cole slaw, wearing this cute and colorful patriotic apron! (YOU, not the cole slaw.) No HAND stitching (H-A-N-D is a 4-letter word, you know). Easy to not only make, but to CUSTOMIZE.

U.S. Cooks cc1303 by LJ Christensen

Seriously, I know from being a “ample petite” (sounds better than short and fat) that NObody truly can wear a “one size fits all,” so I gave instructions and diagrams for 3 lengths and 3 “breadths.” Not only that, but the great matching hot pads come in 3 sizes, too. FOUR patterns–on sale for just $3.50 until July 4. If you’re just a beginning quilter, a hot pad is a great way to start! Click here for more info.

Now for some patriotic goodies!

By goodies, I mean food.

For a really big group, do individual tiny cheesecakes with blueberries, strawberries or cherry pie filling, and white one with a dab of whipped cream. Now put them on a table in a flag pattern. Pretty and scrumptious!

Ditto for tiny tartlets, but cheesecakes are easier…even buy them and decorate them. Ditto for cupcakes but you need a LOT of them–the mini ones would work, though.

Don’t forget mother’s Jello. It comes in red and blue, but you can add some coconut milk to make a white one or make it with gel packet. Find a recipe on line. It’s easy to mold. To unmold, dip it into a basin of warm water with a plate/platter on top. It’s not hard. You can even do layers. Don’t forget that you can load it with fresh blueberries or strawberries or pineapple and get an awesome and colorful fruit side dish.

You can play with cakes, too. If you don’t decorate much, just make a red cake and a white cake to layer alternately. You could use blueberries and some blue coloring for the icing in between layers for a pop of flavor and color. Ice it with rich white cream cheese icing and surprise everyone with the colors inside.

I don’t recommend trying red or blue burgers, though, unless you like bleu cheese and hot sauce. Happy Fourth! Get your apron made and go forth!

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