Renew, refresh, rebirth!

Happy Easter! As happy as possible under the circumstances….I don’t have a new pattern ready because I’ve been buried under a mountain of face masks. When I clawed my way out, I had to finish up business taxes, and then I’ll go back to more masks. Are there some people out there who are actually bored?

However, today I want to wish you tidings of great joy of the rebirth to come in our country, our lives, our spirits. All will be well eventually, and spring is around the corner. Click here for “Leading to Easter”

“Leading to Easter” with white drape by LJ Christensen

If you’re feeling like doing something springlike, how about this baby blanket called “Baby Butter Mints”? I’m putting it on sale until May. Click here

“Baby Butter Mints” with flannel backing by LJ Christensen

Just keep the faith and clean out your scraps! Here’s another FANTASTIC scrap quilt on sale–I used up so many tiny pieces by doing mine as a charm quilt–all different pieces! Make it plain or add clouds and/or kites–it’s paper-pieced for ease and also on sale this month. Click on “Kite Charmer: Sleeping on a Cloud”

Kite Charmer: Sleeping on a Cloud

Don’t sleep, though….get to work! (Yes, that’s Elvis–found him.)

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