Renew, refresh, rebirth!

Happy Easter! As happy as possible under the circumstances….I don’t have a new pattern ready because I’ve been buried under a mountain of face masks. When I clawed my way out, I had to finish up business taxes, and then I’ll go back to more masks. Are there some people out there who are actually bored?

However, today I want to wish you tidings of great joy of the rebirth to come in our country, our lives, our spirits. All will be well eventually, and spring is around the corner. Click here for “Leading to Easter”

“Leading to Easter” with white drape by LJ Christensen

If you’re feeling like doing something springlike, how about this baby blanket called “Baby Butter Mints”? I’m putting it on sale until May. Click here

“Baby Butter Mints” with flannel backing by LJ Christensen

Just keep the faith and clean out your scraps! Here’s another FANTASTIC scrap quilt on sale–I used up so many tiny pieces by doing mine as a charm quilt–all different pieces! Make it plain or add clouds and/or kites–it’s paper-pieced for ease and also on sale this month. Click on “Kite Charmer: Sleeping on a Cloud”

Kite Charmer: Sleeping on a Cloud

Don’t sleep, though….get to work! (Yes, that’s Elvis–found him.)

Easter is coming!

and with it, a hope for rebirth, renewal and hope. I decided it was time to experiment with watercolor piecing that I’ve only wanted to do for about….umm….two decades now, maybe 25 years! I have managed to accumulate a whole bin of florals, but I see these days, it’s easy to simply buy a jelly roll. (For example, Missouri Star Quilt Company has some simply gorgeous selections I’ve treated myself to.) Because jelly rolls are getting so popular, I designed the whole wall hanging with 2 1/2″ strips (except for the purple and white drapes). Buy a jelly roll or just cut your own strips. Check your scraps! My draped cross was inspired by a cross outside a local Episcopal church that was kind enough to let my art organization use its building for numerous meetings after we were ousted by a tornado.

Anyway, it’s finally made its way into a pattern, on sale for just $3.50 between now and Easter. It’s simple piecing with stunning results:

“Leading to Easter” cc2017 by LJ Christensen

I really hope some of you will make it and donate to your churches, but it’s beautiful to grace the walls at home, too, and such an inspiration to make.

Click here more info and to buy

All these floral fabrics remind me of how the dogwood flower is supposedly reminiscent of the cross, including the bloody tinges on the edges. I can certainly see how that legend would develop. The dogwood by my house aren’t blooming yet, but they aren’t far from doing so, such a harbinger of spring! I never can quite get enough photos of them.

“The Dogwood Cross” by LJ Christensen
“A Dogwood Branch” by LJ Christensen
“Shining in the Darkness” by LJ Christensen

Right now the world can use a little light in the darkness and hope for the future. Let’s create some hope in the sewing room!