HUGE SALE–2 days left

More than 50% of over 50 patterns are on sale for 50% off through Monday. Check out this latest one–it’s luscious! In honor of the last breath of summer (HOT breath here-3 digits this week!), I designed a “Hydrangea Block Wall Hanging or Lap Quilt.” I adore hydrangeas. This one has directions and supply list for both sizes and can be made with regular half-square triangle or puffed up with extra batting and 3D folded triangles for more dimension. It’s really a beauty and only $3.50 until mid-October: Click here for more info.

Hydrangea Block Wall Hanging cc2105 by LJ Christensen

I do love hydrangeas, so I was so sad when I recently lost my hydrangea bushes to mold and a nest of rattlesnakes. (Right by my house–ick!) So I really HAD to finish this pattern to get some hydrangeas back. Here are a few of my favorite hydrangeas:

Carol Hickman’s stunning hydrangeas by LJ Christensen
Hydrangeas in Las Vegas by LJ Christensen
Lace Wings in the Lace-Top Hydrangea
by LJ Christensen
Libby’s hydrangea needlepoint (from a kit)–
but so much fun to see grow

Still celebrating 50/50/50 sale!

…with roses! It’s nearing the end of summer, but the bloom is never off THIS dramatic 3D rose. It’s actually very easy to fold and roll if you follow the Christensen Creations diagrams. Use it as a 12″ quilt block, a wall hanging, or a great embellishment on clothing. Added to the half-price sale until the end of the month, it’s only $1.75: Click here for more info.

“Origami Rose” cc1002 by LJ Christensen

I am no gardener, but I adore roses. My wonderful father-in-law used to raise them in all colors, but his favorite was the lavender one. I like them ALL, the more, the better!!

“Coral Chorale” by LJ Christensen
“Linda’s Wedding Roses” by LJ Christensen

“Butterscotch Bright” by LJ Christensen
“Tasting the Yellow Rose” by LJ Christensen
“A Lavender Rose for Dad” by LJ Christensen

It’s THAT season!

In Alabama, there are TWO seasons–baseball and football. As we are right on the verge of football season, I designed a great portable lap quilt to carry to the stadium (or to the easy chair). It comes in a petite (36″) made of 8 simple pinwheel blocks or a roomy medium/large (48″) for maximum cover, yet it’s CURVED so it won’t drag. It’s a easy solution and easy to make with lots of diagrams to guide you along.

What a great gift for the fans, especially since it’s made in TWO COLORS, perfect for ANY team colors. I, of course, had to do an Auburn one and one for University of Alabama, just to be PC. Mine are being donated to the Wetumpka Area Chamber of Commerce for the Draw Down auction this week. Since I’m celebrating the over 50 patterns posted, I put it on sale with the others for 50% off until the end of September (just $2.5o). CLICK HERE to see more.

“Team on a Lap Quilt” cc2306
by LJ Christensen

NO FOOTBALL or pinwheel pics in my stash of photos, so I’ll pass along a couple tips instead. As I was cleaning up these two lap quilts, I was thinking about what I needed (final clean-up, not finishing the sewing):

  1. Tiny scissors for clipping the stray threads. (I have several pairs of embroidery scissors that work well, but my favorites are still my Ginghers.)
  2. Fine-tipped tweezers (I got great Martelli ones from Nancy’s, and Tula Pink seems to have some similar ones that are colorful like her creations.) Use tweezers to pull the loose threads, especially ones stuck in a seam.
  3. Scotch tape. I keep it near my sewing because it’s great for picking up fluffs and tiny threads. I prefer the HEAVY dispenser because I can pull tape off with one hand. I imagine a sticky lint picker-upper would also be good, and masking tape or packing tape would work.
  4. Magnifying glass? No, I’m not there yet, though it might be a good idea. It’s not too practical to hold, though–not enough hands unless you have a mounted one. If you do, GO for it!
  5. GREAT lamp. I don’t think I could sew without my big gooseneck Ottlite, especially at night (and I do regularly sew at night). It’s hard enough to see those stray threads, but forget it without good light.
  6. Washer/dryer? I don’t wash my wall hangings, and I don’t wash every quilt, but I DID do these lap quilts. I used Warm’n’Natural cotton batting, which crinkles up a little and gets softer every time it’s washed. So THIS time it was part of my “cleaning up” process.
  7. Then there’s the room/sewing space to clean up–UGH. Different story and I’m definitely not one to advise on THAT!!

Of course, you’ve got to finish sewing before cleaning up the quilt. So I’m off to NEXT project. Will it be the lavender castle? Maybe the hydrangea blocks? Possibly even “Wedgewood Plates”? Today, though, instead of finishing one, I started working on an idea for “Whirlygigs on a Slide.” So much easier to dream up than to finish up!


50-50-50 SALE!!!

I went over 50 posted patterns this week, so I put 50% (25) of them on sale for 50% off ($1.75-$3.75) for 25 days until the end of September. If you’ve been thinking about trying one or have a friend who quilts, NOW is the time! There won’t be this many on sale again for a LONG time.

Click here to go to

I’m also celebrating the coming of the framer…by this time next week, we may actually have some wooden beams up for the new Sewgocreate Christensen Creations Studio. So it’s a red-letter day for us!!

Create your own quilt room!
#CC1005 The Quilts in My Cupboard by LJ Christensen

I labored on Labor Day and…

…didn’t have a baby, but produced a precious baby quilt! Made in pastels, this quick strip-pieced quilt has little checked squares–hence, the name “Baby Butter Mints.” Amazingly, though, changing the colors radically changes this design. I can see a hot pink/purple one for a pre-teen girl or black/gray with hint of electric blue for my grown son. Even a floral one with a watercolor quilt look ran through my head. This quilt definitely has nine lives! –42″x 52″ is a nice size and easy to make. On sale now for just $2.50, it’s a pattern every quilter and would-be quilter needs to get.

CLICK HERE for more info.

Baby Butter Mints by LJ Christensen (backed with flannel–yum!)

Speaking of studio foundation is still empty, waiting for a framer. While I’m delighted that business for the builders is booming, I have to say I wish it’d slow down just a week so that we could get a crew here. I’ve been sorting, inventorying and carrying bags to Good Will, but I’m itching to get into a new roomy studio.

So what’s in my own labor plans? Well, I have a lavender castle ready to quilt, some team colors lap quilts I may tackle next (did I really say “tackle”? Here in Alabama that means FOOTBALL season), a large aqua quilt, a fishy sea quilt, a floral runner, a hydrangea block, a quilt with pleats and tucks, and a design for a fast track, just to name a few. I have a couple things for Halloween and a gift runner for Christmas, also a 3D-embellished Christmas tree door decor quilt, and a real 3D house. There definitely won’t be a let-up until next year. Keep checking email to see what’s new, and look back on Thursday , Sept. 5, for a SPECIAL TREAT. I’m not telling yet, but it’s awesome.

All Wired Up by LJ Christensen

Even kids have treasures!

…and they need a special pint-sized tote to carry them around. Play BALL! While this little petite totebag was inspired by my recent “Bouncing Ball” pattern for a pre-school boy, in Alabama, a lot of girls play softball. So I made a slightly larger one for big sister. Clearly, the sizes and genders could be switched, but the ball pattern is cute and not hard. It’s on sale for just $1.50 until mid-Sept. Click here for more info:

Play Ball Petite Tote cc2204

Sorry this is a bit late for the week, but it has 24 diagrams, mostly color, that were a little more challenging than usual, so the design process got bogged down.

….and then there was the excitement of a new foundation going in for the Sewgocreate Christensen Creations Sewing Studio. That’s a big YEA! Now we’re waiting for the framer to free up…but the economy is so good that he’s up to his ears building houses. I don’t know whether to be mad, sad or glad…but it isn’t that bad. Right? At least we’re one step further. Here’s the latest:

Nothing, nada, zilch

No new patterns this week. I’ve been busy getting my new Sewgocreate Sewing Studio started–the excavation is done, and they’ll be ready to pour the concrete by early next week. YEA!

Getting ready to lay the foundation by LJ Christensen

HOWEVER, don’t forget that there are SEVERAL patterns on sale for another few days, so you might do a little scrolling to check them out. It’s really a busy time for me, but I do have a bunch of new patterns in process–so keep checking my emails….(I’m working on a lavender castle, a Mexican tile, a 3D folded hydrangea block, a leopard skirt, a Christmas door hanging, a gentleman’s lap quilt, and a quilted play house, among others, so I promise some goodies soon!)


I’ve also spent the past three days editing an arts magazine. It’s hot off the digital press right now, so I’ll include the link. I promise it’s a treat for your eyes because it’s full of of photos, including a few heirloom quilts.

Cover by LJ Christensen

Click here

I’ll be back next week with something different, I promise!