Why did Washington cut down the cherry tree?

To get the cherries for a cherry pie, of course!!  You don’t have to cut down a tree, though.  You don’t even have to bake.  You can SEW the most delicious cherry pie EVER!!  “Easy as Pie” #CC2014 downloadable pie pattern for a 12″ Platter (hot) Pad  is on sale for $1.50 through February.   HAPPY PRESIDENTS’ DAY!

Cherry Pie by LJ Christensen

Click here to take a peek on line!  What makes this so easy is that the pie is just two pieces, plus tea-dyed bias tapes and rickrack.  Doesn’t it look yummy? No cherries required, and it’s sugar-free!

Here’s the Tip:  just make up a big pot of strong, hot tea and let the white bias tape and rickrack soak.   Tip 2:  Use iron-on fusible tape to hold the pieces in place until they are  sewn.

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Have you made your valentines?

If not, here’s a quick and easy Platter Pad for mom, grandma, brother, husband, daughter, son–anyone who cooks or eats!  “Simply Sweet Heart” is a 12″ square huge hot pad in quilt form almost anyone would like.  Pattern on sale for just $1.50 (cheaper than a card!!!!) until Valentine’s Day.  There’s plenty of time to make one up, or a couple, or three.   Just don’t wait too long!   Click here for a peek:

Simply Sweet Heart by LJ Christensen

Hint–cotton eyelet lace not only doesn’t melt, but gathered lace is bound with bias tape.  All you have to do is topstitch it on.  Good choice for a beginner or someone in a hurry.

Embroider your own message:  “Be Mine,” “We love you, Grandma,” or even “Red Hot Lover!”

Do you have a little sweetheart?

February is the perfect month to make a sweet little heart quilt.  So quick to sew with only 25 pieces, this little quilt gets its charm from a border ruffle.  It also has plenty of space for embroidering name, birth date, etc.  If your sweetheart is a little BOY, it’s still a great choice because instructions include plain binding–just change to reds and blues or a “boy” print.  (If you don’t know the gender, make it yellow and mint.  Sometimes these details aren’t revealed!)

Have a wonderful February and remember that Valentine’s Day is not just about chocolate and romance.  It’s a reminder for everyone of every age to express love in some way.  Here’s a cactus photo I sold last year, called “Your Prickly Heart”:

Se 12 0412 prickly heart doc

Doesn’t it make you wonder who bought that?  and for whom?  and the story behind it?

The Moon Enchants Us…

…because it’s ever-present, yet ever-changing.  Mankind has dreamed of the goddesses of the moon. and fables are taught to children about the man in the moon.  My newly published baby quilt is called “Goodnight Moon…and Stars” with 3D folded, appliquéed Christensen Creations’ 60º “Modified Prairie Points.”  It’s fun to make.  Here’s a peek:

Click here for more info:

Goodnight Moon border by LJ Christensen

Speaking of the moon, I recently enjoyed seeing and photographing the eclipse of the “Wolf Moon” or “Blood Moon,” named for the reddish glow cast by the Earth’s atmosphere.  First I took the photo in the black night.  Then I photoshopped it for fun.

“Bad Wolf Moon” by LJC2019         “Under the Blood Moon” by LJ Christensent 2019

Do you make your own valentines?

If so, you may be a quilter. Today I’m uploading a masculine version of black and deep reds made originally with my son in mind.  “Chains of Love” could easily could be switched to pinks for a mother or grandmother, though, and the hearts make it a perfect valentine.  It’ll be on sale for $1.50 through Feb. 14, the big day! Hurry to get started (even if it doesn’t get finished until next year–ha!)    Click here for a quick peek.

Chains peek

“Chains of Love” bind us all:  family, friends and even communities. I dedicate this pattern to Wetumpka, Alabama, where I’ve lived for over 20 years.  As if having a heart attack, we were hit in the heart of our downtown this past weekend with a sudden, destructive tornado.  We lost two churches, dozens of homes and cars, and 100s of trees.  We survived, though, with few injuries and no fatalities, for which we’re very grateful.  Furthermore, I heard there were 700 local volunteers helping with the clean-up. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you all for the prayers and good wishes.  Here are photos I took today of Wetumpka, before and after.

Wetumpka Winter Warmth tm doc.jpg
“Wetumpka Winter Warmth,” copyright 2013 by LJ Christensen


church & bridge-cr-by-LJ-Christensen comp



Anyone for a cuppa?

When my husband and I lived in England, we soon learned that if we ordered “tea,” it would automatically be HOT (the opposite of here in the South).  The next question is whether you want a cuppa or a pot (a pot coming with a plethora of tea bags that can be revived with steaming hot water whenever you ask).  Of course, ideally, it comes with scones, clotted cream and jam.  Now THAT’s a treat!

Short of visiting an English tea room, in cold weather, there’s nothing so soothing as a pot of tea.  Check out Christensen Creations’ sweet and simple 12″ Steeping Teapot “Platter Pad” pattern for making a nice trivet to go under that pot.  You could even use the appliqué on a matching towel–great gift idea!


Click here for more info.

This pattern will be on sale  for just $1.50 until the end of January, and 2018go coupon code still gives $3.00 off.

Are Your Closets Bulging?

Do you need to straighten and organize?  I do…well, I DID in my virtual closet.  I’ve just uploaded the cutest little  Christensen Creations 3D wall hanging.  It’s only 12″ and easy to make but will be a showstopper, so check it out!  It’s on sale for a couple weeks, and don’t forget that 2018go is a $3.00 coupon good until the end of February.

Quilts detail UP
The Quilts in my Cupboard

Here’s a peek, but go to the link for more info.  Click here.

I’d love to be all organized like this, but my fabric and quilts seem to move around from pile to pile.  I recently was thinking it might be a good idea to at least organize on-going project materials into plastic bins.  Anyone have better ideas?

A Candy Cane for Christmas

TESTING  (I sent this earlier but it didn’t appear to go through the internet, so I’m trying again!)

Wishing you a joyful holiday!  My sweet gift to everyone is “Peppermint Pinwheel Twist,” on sale for just $1.50 instead of $5 through December 31, 2018.  Made in red and white, it’s a perfect peppermint Christmas throw, but try it in team/school colors for another look.

Peppermint Pinwheels with sock monkey by LJ Christensen

Click here for a peek at more information!

(My prize-winning sock monkey (from a kit–not my design) is loving this bright throw.)

SEW NOTE:  To make a biased binding, just strip-piece the two colors into a large block and cut the binding lengths on the diagonal.  It just takes a little extra time.  When binding a curved border, ease on the inside and stretch on the outside, which is why you need bias!  This pattern is relatively easy and quick.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Many of us are tired from rushing to prepare for Christmas, but now that we’ve reached that goal, another goal can be to spend more time at home this winter and  pick up some new projects to enjoy….or even start making gifts for next year.  That’s my plan!  PIECEFUL TRANQUIL’ TY to you all.