Are Your Closets Bulging?

Do you need to straighten and organize?  I do…well, I DID in my virtual closet.  I’ve just uploaded the cutest little  Christensen Creations 3D wall hanging.  It’s only 12″ and easy to make but will be a showstopper, so check it out!  It’s on sale for a couple weeks, and don’t forget that 2018go is a $3.00 coupon good until the end of February.

Quilts detail UP
The Quilts in my Cupboard

Here’s a peek, but go to the link for more info.  Click here.

I’d love to be all organized like this, but my fabric and quilts seem to move around from pile to pile.  I recently was thinking it might be a good idea to at least organize on-going project materials into plastic bins.  Anyone have better ideas?

A Candy Cane for Christmas

TESTING  (I sent this earlier but it didn’t appear to go through the internet, so I’m trying again!)

Wishing you a joyful holiday!  My sweet gift to everyone is “Peppermint Pinwheel Twist,” on sale for just $1.50 instead of $5 through December 31, 2018.  Made in red and white, it’s a perfect peppermint Christmas throw, but try it in team/school colors for another look.

Peppermint Pinwheels with sock monkey by LJ Christensen

Click here for a peek at more information!

(My prize-winning sock monkey (from a kit–not my design) is loving this bright throw.)

SEW NOTE:  To make a biased binding, just strip-piece the two colors into a large block and cut the binding lengths on the diagonal.  It just takes a little extra time.  When binding a curved border, ease on the inside and stretch on the outside, which is why you need bias!  This pattern is relatively easy and quick.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Many of us are tired from rushing to prepare for Christmas, but now that we’ve reached that goal, another goal can be to spend more time at home this winter and  pick up some new projects to enjoy….or even start making gifts for next year.  That’s my plan!  PIECEFUL TRANQUIL’ TY to you all.

Christmas is WELL on the Way!

Right now I suspect that everyone is too busy to even THINK about one more project, but I want to point out that the self-lined “Snow Family Skirt” #CC1010 is now available.  It actually will be a great project for January and looks so cute with boots! 

(NOTE–Snowman appliques are nice because they are seasonal but not limited to Christmas.  When I lived in Montana, we had snow flurries in August and May–just sayingThese would also be wonderful on a sweatshirt or jacket.)

Click here to see Snow Family Skirt #CC1010

Almost Christmas–SEW exciting!

I love Christmas!  Besides the general hustle and bustle and trimming the tree, I really love collecting and especially making presents.  I generally have to start early, but there are always a few left to rush at the last minute, which adds to the excitement. 

I added a couple patterns this week. The “Sunflower Power” pattern is quite dramatic with its 3D folded petals and leaves but honestly quite quick for a gift.  Most of the Platter Pads are quick, too, and won’t be found anywhere else!   Another great gift in the “Ironing Board Saddlebags”–even those who don’t SEW may actually iron.  (Not me.)  However, I hear some people do, and it’s a quick gift.

The “Fleece as White as Snow–or Not” just added last week turns a red sweatshirt of ANY size into a Santa jacket very quickly.  It’s so cute for children or maybe fun-loving adults.  The back has an appliqué for a juggling snowman, which could be used on the front of a sweatshirt, too,  It’s a versatile pattern and just as appropriate to wear in Jan. and Feb. snow as at Christmastime.  I’ve even made a black one with leopard fleece for a teen who’s too cool to look like Santa.

I’m very close to uploading a denim “Snow Family” skirt.  I have a very unusual way to sew a skirt for ANY size, with a drawstring or elastic waist and fun appliqués that can be used many ways.   Look for it this weekend.  It’s darling with boots and you’ll get lots of attention for your “wearable art.”   

I’ve just extended the 2018go coupon code, so please share my website link and the code for $3 discount with any of your friends who sew.  I’m eager to find creative sewers!


After Black Friday–ready for color?

…and ready for a peek at the completely operational website? After shopping ’til dropping, I hope you’re ready to sit down and surf a bit.   I’ve updated and tweaked and tested all weekend.  The files are ready to fly through the ether to your computer.  The Paypal (with credit card choice) is working.  I even just added another generously sized Platter Pad that’s very easy to sew and very cute–Santa’s belly pushing its way up the chimney!

At this point I’m asking my followers to please start spreading the link to my site along with a coupon; using 2018GO gives the customer a $3.00 discount, so please send it to anyone you know who sews or quilts.  Tell her (or him) I’m continuing to edit my patterns and just this week have designed three new ones.   So look me up and look often for new ones. 

P.S. For a fun quilting idea, make a teeny 2″ quilt (paper-pieced patterns readily available on internet) and recreate it into a brooch!  It’s a great use of tiny scraps and a great little gift.

Welcome to SewGoCreate website for downloadable patterns!

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ADDING 3-D EMBELLISHMENTS for texture and just plain fun.

More than just quilts, I offer you patterns for throws, runners, hot pads, totes, decorated clothing and gift items.  I’m not only a prize-winning designer (over 100 ribbons); I’m also a military wife, an award-winning photographer, and  I taught high school/college English for 42 years.  That makes me……………….. old–let’s call it EXPERIENCED, ha!– but I know how important clear instructions are.  I also include lots of diagrams and photos in my patterns.  Try them out!

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